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Combining Exceptional Performance and Quality with Affordable Pricing

JAG Machinery’s broad product range provides a one-stop source for all of your basic sheet metal equipment needs. Whether you’re replacing a machine at the end of its life cycle, expanding the capacity of your existing facility, or starting a new duct shop, we have the products you need at affordable prices – Seamers, Flangers, Automated Seam Closers, Corner Insertion Machines, Pneumatic TDF/TDC Brakes and more.

Based on proven designs, JAG Machinery is produced to U.S. standards and specifications. Our rugged and durable equipment is built to provide years of dependable service and is backed by a full product warranty.

JAG Machinery’s new facility designed specifically for producing metal fabrication equipment enables it to achieve low production costs while maintaining rigorous standards of quality and efficiency. With over ten years of experience, our skilled staff of dedicated professionals keeps the company at the leading edge of metal forming technology. Together, JAG Machinery’s facilities, knowledgeable staff, and demanding standards assure the consistent supply of high quality, low cost HVAC equipment.

Power Flangers | TDF / TDC Flange Rollformers | Seam Closers | Corner Fixer / Cornermatic | Air Folders |

JAG Power Flangers

Jag Power Flanger 1.6

Turn up the power and automatically follow any edge—straight or curved.
The FLANGER 1.6 automatically follows any edge—curved or straight. Use the convenient table slot to turn up a “starting flange” and let it go! A calibrated dial can be set for radii as small as 3-1/8? (2? when auto-guide is de-activated). Machine can be set to produce either of two flange heights—approximately 3/8? (9.5 mm) or 1/4? (6.4 mm). A non-releasing type head is suitable for open end fittings, straight and irregular curves. Automatically flange 16 to 24-gauge (.55 mm or 1.61 mm) material at speeds of 18 fpm (5.5 m/min).

Standard with JAG quality construction, this machine has an industrial motor; heavy 3/4” (19mm) chassis plate; and an arc-welded steel stand protected with top-quality primer and paint finish.

Capacity: 16 – 24 gauge (0.55 – 1.61 mm)
Depth of Pocket: 3/8” (9.5 mm) or 1/4” (6.4 mm)
Speed: 18 fpm (5.5 m/min)
Motor: 2 HP (1.5 kw) – 115/230 volts, 60 cycle, single phase, AC, 1800 RPM
Dimensions: 26”L x 24W” x 38”H (660 x 610 x 965 mm)
Weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

JAG Flange Roll Formers

JAG TDC Flange Roll Former

Roll your own flanges and pocket the savings. The TDC Rollformer has 12 forming stations and produces TDC flanges at speeds of up to 60 feet per minute (18.3m/min). JAG quality construction with an industrial motor and gearbox; high precision bearings; heavy-duty three zone chassis; plate head construction; hardened and ground roll shafts all protected with JAG’s top-quality primer and paint finish.

Optional rolls are available for TDC clip production (22 gauge).

18 – 24 gauge (0.70 – 1.31 mm)
Depth of Pocket: 1-7/8” (47.6 mm) / 2-1/8” (54.0 mm) for Clip
Speed: 50 fpm (15.2 m/min)
Motor: 10 HP (7 kw) – 230 volts, 60 cycle, 3 phase, AC, 1800 RPM
Dimensions: 117”L x 33W” x 46”H (2950 x 830 x 1150 mm)
Weight: 2,090 lbs. (950 kg)

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JAG TDF Flange Roll Former

Save time and money forming TDF flanges the easy way.
The 16-Station TDF Rollformer unitizes steel construction, high yield and tensile strength shafts, and “off the shelf” ball bearings.

Clip ProfileFlange Profile

Other key features and benefits include:
Heavy-duty Mod4 (6 pitch) gears.
Extended roll shafts for mounting auxiliary rolls (one side outboard only).
Optional tooling sets available for outboard mounting.
All steel forming head, hardened steel infeed guide, and hardened steel forming rolls mounted on turned and ground spindles.
No adjustments necessary when going from 26 gauge to 18 gauge material.
Includes Snap Flange Feature.
Comes standard with short parts feeder for 6 inch (152 mm) minimum lengths (requires no manual adjustment or removal of machine guards when running short parts).
Optional rolls available for TDF clip production (20 gauge).

16 – 26 gauge (0.55 – 1.31 mm)
Depth of Pocket: 1-11/16” (42.9 mm)
Speed: 50 fpm (15.2 m/min)
Motor: 7-1/2 HP (5.5 kw) – 230 volts, 60 cycle, 3 phase, AC, 1800 RPM
Dimensions: 141”L x 33W” x 46”H (3570 x 830 x 1150 mm)
Weight: 2,420 lbs. (1,100 kg)

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JAG Seam Closers

JAG Seam Closer

The quiet, automated way to close seams in less than six seconds!

Key features and benefits:
Eliminate hammering to close ductwork seams.
Greatly reduce noise levels and speed up duct seam closing in your shop or at the job site.
Seam Closer will also close both insulated and reinforced ductwork.
Seams from top and bottom to the middle to avoid run out and incomplete seaming.

16 – 24 gauge (0.70 – 1.61 mm)
Duct Length: 1-3/4 – 6-1/2 feet (530 – 1980 mm) of material
Duct Connections: Slip & drive, raw, TDC/F and slip-on flanges
Duct Material: Galvanized mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
Hydraulics: Self-contained 25 gallons (95 liters)
Motor: 2 HP (1.5 kw) – 220 volts, 60 cycle, three phase, AC
Dimensions: 35”L x 35W” x 111”H (890 x 890 x 2820 mm)
Weight: Machine – 2,230 lbs. (1014 kg), Hydraulic Reservoir – 330 lbs. (150 kg)


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JAG Corner Fixer

JAG Corner Fixer

Fast, easy corner insertion and crimping in ducts and fittings.
Although the CORNER FIXER is portable and light in weight, it’s heavy on performance, automatically inserting and crimping TDC and TDF corners in seconds. In addition to handling virtually every style of duct, the CORNER FIXER also works with multiple types of straight fittings. Automatic duct squaring for ducts and fittings from 18 – 26 gauge (0.5 – 1.3 mm) galvanized mild steel.

18 – 26 gauge (0.5 – 1.3 mm)
Power: 230 volts, 60 cycle, single phase, AC
Air Pressure: 90 psi
Dimensions: 42”L x 51W” x 54”H (1060 x 1280 x 1360 mm)
Weight: 238 lbs. (108 kg)

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JAG Air Folder

JAG Air Folder For TDF / TDC Duct

A free standing general fabrication wrap brake.
The AIR FOLDER is ideal for forming and bending panels and other flanged metal parts.

Pneumatic operated, foot pedal control.
Rugged welded steel construction.
Maintenance-free bearing and guides.
Pneumatic drive folding beam.
Safety interlock controls.
Dial-adjustable bend angle 0-90°.
Automatic TDC/F notch locator.
Pneumatic drive clamping beam with automatic return.

14 – 16 gauge (1.6 – 2.0 mm)
Depth of Pocket: 1/2” (12.7 mm) – uses 1-3/8” (34.9 mm) of material
Maximum Bend Length: 60" (1525 mm)
Maximum Galvanized Steel Thickness: 1/16” (1.6 mm)
Minimum Wrap Duct Size: 8.7” x 8.7” (220 x 220 mm)
Clean, Dry Air Supply: 11 CFM at 100 PSI (not to exceed 120 PSI)
Dimensions: 88”L x 46W” x 35”H (2235 x 1170 x 890 mm)
Weight: 2,046 lbs. (930 kg)

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