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Roto-Die Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brakes

Roto Die Hydraulic Brakes

Roto-Die Hydraulic Benders are engineered to cut costs. The patented Roto-Die principle reduces setup time by as much as 70 %, compared with other power-forming equipment. With a Roto-Die Hydraulic Brake, gauge and clearances are adjusted much quicker than on conventional hand brakes. One-man operation cuts labor requirements in half on virtually all hand-brake operations.


Roto-Die is four precision forming tools in one. Merely by shifting the selection lever, one operator can perform all basic sheet-metal forming operations. No die to change. The Roto-Die Hydraulic Bending Brake forms full- length ducts, gravel stops, standing lock seams, flashing and hemming operations accurately and economically. The compactness inherent in the cylindrical die design permits acute reverse bends not possible with conventional wide-bed machines. The Roto-Die Hydraulic Bender indexes quickly and accurately to all forming stations. Automatic detention assures positive die alignment. Centerline machined upper dies are instantly inter-changeable in all Roto-Die openings without special stops or adjustments. A Roto-Die Hydraulic Brake is as simple to operate as a hand break - but has infinitely more production capacity.


The Roto Die Hydraulic Brakes give you the speed, accuracy and reliability to increase production by reducing set-up time and material handling. The back gauge (which is an optional feature on Roto-Die's Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending Brake) enables precise settings and reliable repeatability to improve forming accuracy through 31 inches of gauge travel. Rear operated modification is also available when it is desired to eliminate the front handle extension.

Roto-Die Hydraulic Brakes Model Specifications

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Roto-Die CB-30 Pneumatic Cleat Bender


Roto - Die ’s CB-30 Cleat Bender is an economical, pneumatic bender for bending cleat on duct and fitting or similar applications that utilize a cleat type connection, up to 20 gauge sheet metal thickness. Unlike the competition, the CB-30 cleat bender requires no electricity, only a compressed air line connection. The stainless steel top resists rust to insure years or service. Unlike competitors machines, the CB-30 has 15 forming fingers, which accommodates more discrete combinations of duct or fitting sizes. Also, with the open ended design, the operator can notch the sheet to make cleats of more than 30” in length by bending in multiple steps.

NOTE: The CB-30 Cleat bender bends the cleat in a single thickness of material that has been notched to completely clear the longitudinal seam. The machine cannot bend cleat through multiple thicknesses of material caused by a Pittsburgh seam or Snaplock seam. For proper operation and cleat bending, please insure the seams are notched sufficiently to clear the cleat bend.

Wide jaws allow forming ½"
Adjustable cleat settings
Front-mounted quick-release valves
Large, stainless steel feed table resists rust
Built in America and backed with a full year One-Year Warranty

Cleat Bender
Mild Steel Capacity: 20 gauge and lighter
Bend Length: 3" thru 29½"
Bend Width: 7/16" thru ½" Preset
Table Height: 36"
Air Consumption: < 0.5 cubic ft @ 100 PSI
Strokes per Minute: 0 to 50
Machine Weight: 500 lbs

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