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Mechanical Sheet Metal shears

Roper Whitney 10M14 Mechanical Shear

Roper Whitney Mechanical Shear 10M14

Roper Whitney's 10M14 Mechanical shear is the latest addition to the Roper Whitney line of shears. Manufactured in the United States, the 10M14 Mechanical sheet metal shear is of rugged construction, weighs in at 5,500 pounds, and is powered by a 5 horsepower motor. The 10M14 mechanical shear produces up to 35 strokes per minute.

Standard Features of the Roper Whitney 10M14 Mechanical Shear:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Rugged Welded Construction
  • Single or Continuous Cycle
  • Accurate Table Side-Squaring Gauges
  • Recessed Inch/Metric Bed Scales
  • Combination Material Hold-Down/Finger Guard with Non-marring Urethane and Positive Spring Actuation
  • High Carbon/High Chrome Long Life Tool Steel Blades
  • Upper and Lower Blades Interchangeable
  • Non-Metallic Gibs
  • Maintenance Free Self Lubricating Bearings
  • Fully Guarded Safety Foot Switch
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Smooth Quiet Reliable Operation

Additional Options for the Roper 10M14 Mechanical Shear:

  • Front arms
  • Side Squaring Arms in 4', 8', or 12' Lengths with Fixed Stop and Inlaid Scale
  • Squaring Arm Flip Stop

Backgauge Options For the R.W. 10M14 Mechanical Shear are : Rear Operated Manual with Precision Scale Front Operated Manual with Chain Drive and Position Counter DRO-Motor Driven with Digital Readout NC-Motor Driven with encoder Feedback, and Digital Readout with Five Preset Positions

10M14 Mechanical sheet metal shear Specifications:

  • Capacity - 14 Ga.mild steel
  • Working Length - 121.25 inches
  • Back Gauge Travel - 24 inches
  • Approximate Weight - 5500 lbs.
  • Power - 5 hp
  • Standard Voltage - 230 vac 3 hp 60 Hz
  • Strokes Per Minute - 35


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Roper Whitney Pexto PX1214 Shears




Roper Whitney PX Series Mechanical Shears utilize a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance.

The PX1214 incorporates a dual motor design. The dual motor design, of the PX Series, produces accurate distortion free shearing while minimizing machine twist. The system is capable of 45 strokes per minute. The PX1214 is ideal for high volume applications.

The PX Series also includes the unique 2R front operated back gauge system. This allows the operator to move the backstop from 0 to 30 inches in approximately 2 seconds with only two rotations of the handle. A digital readout is standard for this system. The PX1214 has an optional “Go-To” 30-inch powered back gauge system available. The ball screw-driven back gauge provides quick, accurate cuts. The operator simply inputs a dimension, and then presses enter, and the gauge automatically positions to that setting.

The PX1214F Shear is designed in a “Pro Package” configuration.

The Pro Package Includes:

  • Five Foot Squaring Arm
  • Two Front Support Arms
  • “F” Front Drop Air Operated Sheet Support System
  • the 2R Front Operated Manual Back gauge with Digital Readout

Standard Features Of The Roper Whitney Pexto PX1214 Shear:

  • four-edge, high carbon
  • high chrome blades
  • independent, self-leveling hold down feet with neoprene inserts
  • single, continuous and jog stroke cycles
  • motor reverse switch
  • precision-machined T-Slotted table
  • The table also has a hand well with dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales
  • The PX Series incorporates non-metallic ram gibs and low maintenance garlock bearings.

Specifications Of The Roper Whitney Pexto PX1214 Shear:

  • Max. Capacity - 14 Ga. Mild Steel (Rated 80,000 Tensile/44,00 Yield), 16 Ga. Mild Steel (Rated 90,000 Tensile/55,000 Yield)
  • Max. Cutting Length - 145 In.
  • Back Gauge Range - 30 In.
  • Strokes Per Min. - 45
  • Number of Hold Downs - 16
  • Motor - 230/460 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz Dual 7.5 HP
  • Overall Dimensions (Less Gauges) - LxWxH 170 X 39 x 60 in
  • Shipping Weight - 7,600 LBS

Optional Equipment Available:

  • five or ten-Foot squaring arm
  • t-slotted front support arms
  • light beam
  • protractor attachments
  • “Go-To” 30-inch powered back gauge system

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