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Clinching/Fastening Systems

Norlock ClinchlokThe SURELOK II

Norlock Surelok II Clinching machine for sheet metal clinching/fastening

Norlok Clinching system

With its versatile design and unsurpassed features the Norlok Surelok II series of machines outperform the competition like no other. Solid and reliable, the Surelok II clinching machine will fasten sheet metal material from as thick as 14 gauge to as thin as 32 gauge with our proven clinching technology.

Superior features of the Norlok Surelok II Clinching Machine include :

  • Rigid steel frame less deflection for longer tool life
  • Close tooling access get in close for more applications
  • Fast cycle times for more production
  • 18” or 25” throats greater reach for larger parts
  • “Intelligent” safety stroke for greater operator safety
  • Direct acting power stroke for more reliable joints
  • Simple tool adjustments - little or no setup time
  • Adjustable stroke - Reduces pinch point and air consumption
  • Completely upgradeable - add what you need - when you need it
  • Small footprint - requires less floor space
  • Air powered - requires no electrical hookup

Norlok Fitting Machine SURELOK

The "Fitting type" Norlok SURELOK features a one-piece 11" throat, steel "C" frame bolted to a solid steel lower arm. This clinching machine is specifically designed to fasten two ply of material together, as used in the sheet metal fitting manufacturing industry.

Features of the Norlok Surelok Fitting Machine:

  • Rigid steel frame
  • Close tooling access
  • Fast cycle times
  • "Intelligent" safety stroke
  • Direct acting power stroke
  • Simple tool adjustments -Adjustable stroke
  • Completely upgradeable
  • Small footprint
  • Air powered
  • Affordable prices

Options of the Norlok Fitting Machine Surelok:

  • Production punch assembly
  • Modular tooling assembly
  • Automatic return
  • Advanced power Unit
  • Extended warranty
  • High speed control
  • Laser pointer

Norlok Watson Clinching/Fastening Machine

Norlok watson hand held clinching / fastening machine for fastening / clinching sheet metal together in this compact light hand held machine

Performance in a small package Like the Surelok II the Norlok Watson (clincher-fastener) offers all the benefits of clinching, but in a lightweight version that gives you the portability you need. The Norlok Surelok II is compact clinching machine is easy to handle, requires only shop air to operate and can fasten up to 14 gauge material.

Features of the Norlok Surelok II (clinching/ fastening machine):

  • Lightweight
  • Safety Handle Operation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Uses Shop Air
  • Fully Customizable

Options for the Surelok II clinching machine :

  • Modular tooling assembly

Norlok Letterlok 4000

Norlok Letterlok 4000 fastening machine

The Norlok LETTER LOK 4000 fastening machine is a 25" throat machine that has been designed for clinching channel letters. With the Norlok Letter Lok 4000's versatile design and unsurpassed features the LETTER LOK 4000 will reduce your channel letter fastening costs and outperform the competition.

Features of the Norlok Letter Lok 4000:

  • Faster cycle times
  • Greater capacity: 2" to 10" letters
  • Large Table
  • UL recognized tooling
  • Simple tooling adjustment
  • Air powered

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