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akyapak Powered Rolls

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Akyapak Powered Rolls

Since 1962, Akyapak Machinery has been producing 3/4 Rolls hydraulic/mechanic Plate Bending Machines, hydraulic/mechanic Profile Bending Machines, Pipe/Tube Bending Machines with mandrel and hydraulic/mechanic Bordering Machines. Now Akyapak has a new builded factory with 10.000 sqm closed area in order to improve its well known quality. Akyapak invests in technology for future with 150 well experienced, specialist staff and produce about 2000 machines yearly.


AKYAPAK, Never Makes Concession To The Conditions Against The Princible Of UNCONDITIONED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, With Its New Brand AKBEND, Meets Its Field With A Fresh Source Of Energy And New Breath.

AKBEND Controls The Whole Process, Starts From The Order Confirmation Till The Product Assembling Process Ends, A Customer Focaled Approach. While These Specifications Are Becoming Real, AKBEND Targets To Face Its Purchasers With The Best Quality, Despite The Lower Costs In A Shorts Time.

AKBEND, The New Name Of AKYAPAK Warrantied Bending Machines Are Manufactured In The Production Plans Equipped With Ultimate Technologies, Creates Special Solutions To Various Field And AKBEND Is The New Name Of Well Known Quality In Five Continents…

Models available of AKYAPAK hydraulic roll machines :

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